Frequently Asked Questions

The Change, Dialogue, Action workshop works well with groups of 10-35 people. The materials can be adapted for smaller groups, and larger groups typically benefit from having more than one facilitator to support everyone. When delivered virtually then group sizes of 10-15 are recommended as larger groups can inhibit interaction online.

Workshops can be run with a cross-section of people affected by the change or an intact team. It can also work with smaller groups, or groups from two or more parts of an organisations. It is always good to include:
Change sponsors
Day-to-day leaders who are planning a new change or engaged in a current change effort
Managers who want to increase buy-in and commitment, to deal better with apathy or resistance
Internal Organisational Development or Human Resources staff
Teams responsible for leading a change initiative
Individuals who want a holistic understanding of change management

The workshop can be run over a half day or a full day. The full day approach is highly recommended.
In a half-day workshop, participants use the simulator to experience and understand the concepts in the Tipping Point model. After the half-day workshop, participants have a robust understanding of the interactions and feedback inherent in implementing change.
In a full-day Workshop, the second half-day allows participants to apply what they have learned to a real-life change initiative, and create action items for success.

Time For Change is your first point of contact for arranging delivery of a Tipping Point Workshop for you, your colleagues or your clients; and also the global hub for training trainers (change leaders, consultants, organisational development practitioners) as facilitators of the Tipping Point Workshop.
We have accredited facilitators around the world, including North America, North Africa and the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. We are also keen to accredit facilitators in new territories, and have the ability to deliver workshops virtually around the world.

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