The next generation of the Tipping Point change management simulator - available early 2021

Making a great change management learning experience even better

The Tipping Point Workshop is a highly participative and engaging learning experience.
The Tipping Point change management simulation is very much a centrepiece  of the Workshop's effectiveness as a great learning experience, and of the way it helps participants to fully engage and to share and develop their learning in a non-threatening, game-based action learning environment.

The original simulation has done impressive service for a number of years as the focal point of Tipping Point change management training. But all good things must eventually come to an end.  It is time for a change.

During the early weeks of 2021, Time For Change is running a user trial of an all-new version of the Tipping Point Change Management Simulation. Coming soon to a workshop near you!

This video previews the new Tipping Point Change Management Simulation.

CONTACT US to learn more, to arrange a workshop, or to arrange facilitator training so you can add the brilliant Tipping Point Simulation to your change management training toolkit.