Tipping Point Change Management

A great learning experience for anyone who wants to make change happen better, faster, more effectively in the workplace

The Tipping Point Workshop is an acclaimed learning workshop that helps change leaders, change makers and change agents to achieve more, more effectively, more cost-effectively and faster.
Also known as the 'Change, Dialogue and Action Workshop', it achieves highly effective learning in an engaging, action-based way that respects and draws upon participants' knowledge and experiences but encourages a fresh look at what works, what doesn't and why. The Workshop is a leading example of the power of gamification - if we can make learning a fun, challenging, collaborative experience, participants will learn more and do more with what they have learned.  Read more about the Tipping Point Workshop
The ingenious Tipping Point computer simulation is at the heart of the Workshop. It offers participants an opportunity to experiment with the dynamics of change in a safe, low-risk environment. This process fosters dialogue and learning, and can help colleagues to develop a  shared mental model of what is needed to implement change successfully in their workplace. This is Action Learning at its best. Read more about the Tipping Point change management simulation
The simulation and the workshop make use of the Seven Levers of Change as an invaluable mental model. The seven levers are decisions and actions that leaders can take to engage employees in a change and harness the knowledge and enthusiasm of those already engaged. Read more about the Seven Levers of Change

Time For Change is the first point of contact for arranging delivery of a Tipping Point Workshop for you, your colleagues or your clients; and also the global hub for training trainers (change leaders, consultants, organisational development practitioners) as facilitators of the Tipping Point Workshop.

The Tipping Point Workshop, and the Change Management Simulator at its heart, was developed by Dr Andrea Shapiro. Time For Change's founder Dr David Yarrow has worked closely with Dr Shapiro since 2004, collaborating on adaptation of the workshop for specific contexts and purposes, and now leading on its ongoing development and improvement.

CONTACT US to learn more, to arrange a workshop, or to arrange (or register for a place on) a Tipping Point Facilitator Training Programme so you can add the brilliant Tipping Point Workshop to your toolkit.

Exciting news!   Tipping Point 2.0 coming soon.

The all-new, online version of the Tipping Point Change Management Simulation is coming soon to a workshop near you!

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