Testimonial for Time For Change and the Tipping Point Change Management Workshop

We have used the Tipping Point model in a multi-year transformation programme impacting a 30,000+ FTE Global Manufacturing & Supply organisation. We have built the capability of leaders and their teams to create and own plans for complex change and have consistently found that the simplicity of the model has been very well received at all levels.

We have incorporated the principles for the Tipping Point model into a broader system for managing change that aligns very well with the business's existing Change Framework.  This approach is now firmly established in Manufacturing & Supply and we're now seeing leaders and teams continuing to refer to the Tipping Point's "Attitudes towards change" and using the Tipping Point levers in the design of new projects and delivery of incremental change in business as usual.

Senior Director, Change Management in a global manufacturing and supply organisation.


Since the first Tipping Point Workshop we ran in the Trust a few months ago, the Tipping Point language has gained momentum in the organisation and piqued the interest of some senior colleagues.  We've hosted a further four workshops so far and are seeing signs that the programme is influencing colleagues to work differently, including some important specific examples.

Organisational Development Business Partner in a large healthcare trust


The Tipping Point model is clearly a great and very practical way to lead complex and cross-functional organizational change programmes (such as supply chain transformations). With an end goal in mind and the right focus on the people side of change, the mental model gained through using the Tipping Point simulation really helps to guide day to day activities and ensure the programme stays on track to deliver and sustain the desired outcome.

Change Director Supply Chain Transformation in a pharmaceuticals business


A fantastic change management tool, that helps those involved in a change convert an aspirational change into practical activity that needs to be done for the change to be successful.

I have personally used this internally in organisations within corporate worlds and non-profit sectors and well as now externally how an organisation can drive sales through creating contagious commitment to its products - each time with fantastic results.

Experienced Change Leader and Executive Coach.


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