Seven Levers of Change

Are your change strategies optimised for maximum impact and optimal cost-effectiveness?

Seven Levers of Change

The Levers of Change are decisions and actions that leaders can take to engage employees in the change and to harness the knowledge and enthusiasm of those already engaged. The levers are the backbone of the Tipping Point computer simulation.

Organisations can only change when people in them change - when engaged employees recognise both why the change is needed and its potential value. The seven levers of change set employee engagement in motion and give it momentum. Using them demonstrates commitment from leaders, assures employees have the necessary new tools and skills, and provides support and rewards within the organisation for the change. The levers are not meant to be a formula, but represent seven areas that require attention and planning for successful change management.

The Seven Levers of Change are:

(1) fostering personal contacts between advocates of the change and others,

(2) prudently using mass exposure,

(3) hiring expertise only when required,

(4) listening to resisters and shifting resistance, if necessary,

(5) providing the requisite tools and infrastructure,

(6) leading by example or “walking the talk”, and

(7) rewarding successes in implementing the change.

None of the levers alone is a “silver bullet,” but used properly, they can reinforce one another to create synergy that moves the change forward. There are myriad specific applications that fit into each lever, which will vary across organisations and changes. For every change, each lever needs to be evaluated and applied as needed. Taken together, the levers can make any important change programme effective, cost-effective and sustainable.

The Tipping Point Workshop (also known as the Change, Dialogue and Action Workshop) is a world class training intervention through which participants learn how to use the seven levers of change to make changes effectively, cost-effectively and sustainably within their organisation.

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