Helping practitioners to help organisations… Focused training, coaching and support… A fresh pair of eyes, a catalyst for change…

Time For Change exists to help businesses and other organisations to meet the challenges of change.

Within that broad remit, we specialise in training and equipping the trainers. We help change leaders, OD practitioners, improvement facilitators, management consultants and business advisors to develop their skills and knowledge so that they are better able to help businesses and other organisations to meet the challenges of change – whether they are acting as external support or internal resources.

As part of that role, we contribute to the development of some great organisation development tools and training workshops, and make these available through facilitator training and licensing arrangements.

We set about these roles with integrity, enthusiasm and energy, and we have many years of successful experience to draw upon in the fields of change and organisational excellence. A guiding principle is that we always aim to leave our clients better equipped to manage without our help in the future.

The knowledge base that we draw upon is broad, including:

Training, coaching and facilitation
Business excellence
Sustainability/Corporate Responsibility


On this website we describe several categories of services that we can provide, and a number of specific tools and workshops. However, we pride ourselves on our flexibility, inventiveness and customer focus - if you would like to discuss your specific needs and aims with us, we’ll be happy to explore with you how we can best help you to achieve them. Please contact us