PROBE best practice benchmarking

PROmoting Business Excellence



If you have had the opportunity to support a client with PROBE, was it not just the most stimulating opportunity? In 5 years my every PROBE workshop has been a success story with the client organisation being able to move forward. One really cannot ask for more than that.

John Clegg   Business Improvement Adviser & PROBE Facilitator   Omnivest Business Consultants

I would recommend PROBE to others, and we will use it again ourselves. The process was very valuable and the results provided a benchmark or goal which the company can aspire to.

Richard Pace, MD, Canon Foods

The opportunity, experience, and team building were absolutely priceless. The PROBE assessment was right on target about where our strengths and weaknesses are at this point in time.

Janet S. Griffey, President & CEO, RLCB

PROBE offers holistic best practice health checks suitable for any type of organisation in any sector or walk of life.

In addition, specialist PROBE tools focus in-depth on specific aspects of best practice: Learn more about PROBE for Sustainability Excellence

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