Add the brilliant Tipping Point Workshop to your change management training tool kit

BECOME TRAINED TO FACILITATE The Tipping Point Change Management Workshop, and use the Workshop in your own Organization or Consultancy.

“The success of any new program depends as much on how a change is made as on the nature of the change”  - The McKinsey Quarterly

Change Management Train the Trainer

The workshop certification training is for leaders within organizations and change management professionals who want to deliver the Tipping Point Workshop within their business or in their professional practice.

Tipping Point Facilitator Certification Training can be delivered to you virtually or face-to-face, whatever works best for you.

Implementing change is not just about new processes, new technology, or new organizational structures. Change is fundamentally about people. The workshop brings this insight to life, providing a powerful mental model that can be applied to any change initiative.
The workshop is effective because it uses gamification to get people involved in their own learning about change. Participants engage and have fun while they experiment with the dynamics of change in a safe, low-risk environment. The workshop fosters dialogue to help them share new ideas and existing experiences about implementing change initiatives. Participants emerge with fresh insights into what really works, and what really doesn't, in terms of the available approaches to leading change successfully.
When certified to deliver the workshop, you will be confident that you have practical tools to help your organization (or your client organizations) out of the cycle of change implementation failures and on to successful change management.

The most remarkable thing for me was to see the transformation in thinking and dialogue in such a short space of time across the whole group from operators to senior managers. The plan [they created after the workshop] is also radically different from anything created on site previously.
—Hayden Whitmore, Site Change Manager, GlaxoSmithKline, Dartford, UK


Who should attend

This is a Change Management Train the Trainer programme. Anyone implementing an organizational change: Coupling the Tipping Point Workshop with your work will provide you with a competitive edge. It shows that you understand that implementing change is about people shifting their attitudes and embracing new ways of working, not just about new processes, new software, or new hardware. You’ll be able to save weeks or months of frustration by recognizing the critical success factors early in any change process.

Organizational Development and Human Resource professionals who want to use an effective change management tool.

Change managers and Operations managers whose roles include putting change into practice.

Project managers who need to understand effective change implementation.

Employersbusiness owners, and executives who want to accomplish significant change in their organizations.

The Tipping Point is effective because it gets people involved. It’s fun! The simulation is engaging, and the competition built into the workshop adds a dimension that increases people’s involvement. While devising strategies to beat the other teams, participants discuss their ideas and hidden assumptions about organizational change. Once people are involved and thinking about change strategies, they can then have a more serious discussion on organizational change. This helps teams form and apply effective change strategies to their own change initiatives.

Add this great learning tool, based on powerful and proven action learning and gamification principles, to your Change Management Training tool kit.

CONTACT US to learn more, or to arrange (or register for a place on) a Tipping Point Facilitator Training Programme so you can add the brilliant Tipping Point Workshop to your toolkit. The training can be delivered to you virtually or face-to-face, whatever works best for you.

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